Hampden Youth Soccer Program


The Hampden Soccer Program currently offers Spring & Fall Soccer for students in grades K-2. 



Based on recent/projected number of sign-ups/registrations we are limited in Divisions we can offer. Registrations for the Fall Season take place in late July through August and the Spring Season Registrations are from December to mid-January. Dates will be announced as the registration periods approach.



Kindergarten Kids

Kids will participate in an in-town instructional program that takes place on Saturday Mornings.  These sessions are run by coaches and players from the VSA United Soccer Club.  Parents are encouraged to join in and participate with the group. In the spring we run this program back to back with the T-Ball Programin our “Try It” program,  so that kids interested in participating in both can do so

1st & 2nd Grade

Children will be participating in the Hampden / East Longmeadow League. Your children will be placed on a team with fellow Hampden 1st & 2nd Graders, there are separate divisions for Boys & Girls. You will play 1 to 2 games per week. There is usually 10 – 12 games per season along with practices as scheduled by the coach. This is considered an instructional league and no records are kept.

Grades 3-8 

Hampden P & R does not currently offer soccer in these age groups, as stated, this is based on current numbers and interest.  Recreational Soccer is offered through the Wilbraham Park & Recreation Dept.


Competitive Soccer is offered through:


VSA United Soccer Club;

Wilbraham Soccer Club;












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