Parks and Recreation Commissioners


Marty McQuade- Chairman

Terry Ford - Vice Chair

David Paradis

Dave Turcotte

Eric Jacobson

Parks and Recreation Staff: 
Cindi Connors, Administrative Assistant

Office:   Located on the lower level of the Town House Open office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:30am - 1:30pm.  

Phone: (413) 566-2151 ext 108

Sports Coordinator Contact Information

Baseball Coordinator: Marty McQuade,

Asst Baseball Coordinator: Derrick Biermann,

Basketball Coordinator: Michael Cronin,

Basketball Liaison: Dave Turcotte,

Soccer Coordinator:

Soccer Liaison: Terry Ford,

Summer Program Director:

Summer Program Liaison: Cindi Connors,

Park Maintenance Liaison: Marty McQuade,



The mission of the Parks and Recreation Commission is to provide for the Town of Hampden the efficient, effective and ethical supervision and management of all areas under their jurisdiction.  The Parks and Recreation Commission shall ensure that all programs operated under their supervision are managed in a fair, consistent manner, putting the welfare and safety of the participants first.  The Commission will strive to maintain, manage and improve all town parks and recreational facilities in a fiscally responsible manner.





The purpose of all Hampden youth sports programs shall be to provide each child with an opportunity to get involved in an activity that provides a rewarding and supportive environment. All programs will emphasize fun, participation and skill building at a level that fits the child’s age level, interest and skills. Each and every program will operate with a “kid’s first” mentality that places the welfare and development of all participants as the number one priority.



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